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Kinlay House Cork

Cork, ireland

When visiting the enchanting Ireland, you have to stop by Cork. It's the second largest city in the country and has lovely attractions and thrings to do. Just few steps from the city centre, you are going to find the Kinlay House Cork, a warm and welcoming hostel that has excellent staff, with good cost benefit and well equiped. What other…

Vancouver, BC

Craic in Cork, Ireland

Good humoured people

Fondly known as The Rebel County or the People's Republic of Cork, this city has a lot of character, and a lot of characters to appeal to people from all walks of life. Situated in the very south of the country, people from Cork are known for speaking a lot of slang as well as being good-humoured and taking great pride of their home county which…

Vancouver, BC

Cape Clear Annual Walking Talking Festival

Cork Ireland 30 April - 2 May

The annual walking-talking weekend consists of a series of guided walks with acknowledged local experts followed by various, informal gatherings all themed around history, folklore, bird-watching, ecology, poetry and song. Participation and interaction are encouraged and groups are kept small to foster a sense of intimacy. The thrill of a trip to…

Vancouver, BC

Cork International Film Festival

Sunday, 12 October - Sunday, 19 October, 2008

This festival is Ireland's oldest film event. It was established in 1956 to bring to Irish audiences the best of international cinema and to serve as a platform for new Irish cinema. The 53rd Corona Cork Film Festival takes place October 12-19 providing a platform for some of the world’s most innovative and exciting filmmakers, and a…


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